Falcon Dental Wellness Plan

We have developed our Patient Falcon Dental Wellness Plan without uninsured patients in mind. It is designed to make High Quality Dental Care affordable. With our Falcon Dental Wellness Plan you will receive:
2 cleanings a year
2 checkup exams a year
1 Limited or Emergency exam
X-Rays as needed
And 20% off any necessary treatment
You also may choose 1 of the following per year:
Whitening treatment or fluoride treatment
For only $350.00 per year!


No Deductibles ~ No Yearly Maximum ~ No Waiting Periods ~ No Exclusions ~ Highest Quality of care in a State of the Art Facility!

FOR $425 per year you can get an extra cleaning.
Perfect for patients that have history of gum and periodontal disease and needs to have an extra cleaning per year.

Program Provisions:

May not be combined with insurance plans, this is not an insurance plan but a prepaid payment arrangement provided by Falcon Dental Group and is not transferable to any other dental office or dental specialist. All accounts must be current before scheduling an appointment and all payments for services are due on the date of service. Membership is for you and nontransferable. Benefits are for one year from the date the program is purchased . No refunds will be provided for dues of the program annual cost under any circumstances, including failure to schedule and maintain appointments. If care credit is used to pay for services, then only 12% discount will be given.

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